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Chin Liposuction & Augmentation In Melbourne

You can expect to be back to work by the next day or a few days after at the latest. While you might not do anything physical like sports and exercise, everything else is easy to do. Sometimes considering cosmetic procedures can be overwhelming if it is not something you have done before, do very often, or are considering a new type of procedure. At Aesthetic Studio Clinic we are not just experienced and well qualified but also very knowledgable about the treatments we provide. We can guide you through all the considerations and assess your desired outcomes and develop a plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. You can expect to experience swelling as a result of the treatment.
More effective and invasive treatments generally have higher upfront costs. Each of the above causes cannot be improved without treatment in almost all cases. To improve the neck silhouette and under chin area, the right treatment must be used dermal filler specials based on the cause. Ensuring that you see an expert in treating under chin fullness will help you to get the right treatment, and the best result. The cost of under chin sculpting is determined by the extent and complexity of your treatment.

Chin augmentation is a procedure involving the injection of TGA approved Dermal Fillers directly to the chin to augment its shape. The chin can also be blended with surrounding areas such as the jawline and lips, to achieve a harmonious and balanced result. The cost of your chin filler augmentation is determined by the extent of your treatment and the modalities used. One of the key elements of getting any cosmetic procedure is managing your expectations. Cosmetic surgery isn’t magic; it’s a procedure to reshape an area of your body so it is more pleasing to you, more functional, or to treat an illness. We use a local anaesthetic for our liposuction procedures, which means you do not ‘go under’ while Dr Rich works.
A male chin augmentation involves the injections of reversible dermal fillers to change the shape and size of the chin. Nipple sculpting, also known as nipple fillers, or designer nipples, is a non surgical treatment that uses dermal filler injections to reshape and define the nipples. Temple fillers are a treatment involving the injection of dermal fillers to the temples and brows to restore lost volume, and correct temporal hollowing and a skeletal appearance. Necktite is the leading non surgical treatment designed to effectively reduce under chin fat, and lift and tighten sagging neck skin. Lip enhancement is a procedure that uses dermal filler injections to increase the size, improve definition, and add hydration to the lips. That stubborn little pocket of fat under our chin has us taking selfies from above, wearing scarves and high neck tops.

Then ice is applied, and a series of very fine injections are administered. The treatment takes about minutes from the time you walk through our clinic doors, to when you walk out. Double chins are one of the most lamented age-related changes of the face and jaw, leaving countless men and women wishing to regain a sleek, contoured profile. A double chin forms due to fat deposits in front of the neck muscles, called preplatysmal fat deposits, creating a sagging, jowl-like silhouette.
Usually, diet and exercise should be your first idea to remove a double chin. Unfortunately, the treatment location means that you cannot efficiently work off the fat with exercise. Without exercise, this means your next best option is for a double chin removal treatment. Your doctor can use different medical procedures to burn or remove the excess fat so it no longer gets in the way. Submental fat treatment with fat dissolving injections tend to be more effective than body treatments due to the smaller amount of fat in the neck.
As the Double Chin treatment has only been launched in Australia, only a small number of local Before/After images are available. The following images are of patients treated by Dr Shobhna Singh. Studies have shown that following a double-chin treatment, patients have reported feeling happier and younger, less embarrassed, less bothered and less self-conscious. A profound and well-defined chin and jawline have always been symbolic of beauty and youth. At Nitai, our doctor, Dr. Shobhna Singh, has been trained by Global experts in this area.

By the end of one week there should be minimal impact to your life. We recommend you take at least 2-3 days off work post treatment. The chin must blend in with the jawline, particularly as we age – the jowls can drop below the jawline, which must be taken into consideration when apply chin enhancements. Following this you will meet with our Patient Advisor to book a convenient time for your treatment. Simply take our Skin Quiz below and in a few short minutes we’ll show you which of our treatments will be best for your specific skin conditions.
For year patients with a double chin have had only a few options. Up until now, Liposuction has been the most popular procedure to treat double chins. At The Greville Clinic, we offer chin sculpting in Melbourne using fat dissolving chin injections, helping to sculpt the chin area and reducing the appearance of excess chin fat. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speak for themselves. Swelling from fat dissolving injections is generally mild, and resolves in a few days.
The swelling is directly related to the number of vials used on the day – more vials tend to cause more swelling. The actual injections for double chin treatment only takes about 5-10 minutes. At Cityskin, we can use anaesthetic to numb the area first, as this particular treatment without any anaesthetic would be quite uncomfortable. The size of the area will determine how many injections you will receive. The injections are spread out in a 1cm grid to cover the marked area within the ‘safe zone’.

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