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Tokyo Clinic Dental

The main practitioner studied in the US therefore is equipped with American knowledge and methods. The services provided are general dentistry, oral surgery, dental implants, preventative and restorative dentistry. Fortunately, there are a number of Tokyo-based dental clinics that provide not only excellent care but English-language services. Read on for everything you need to know about dental care in Japan, from health insurance coverage to tooth whitening, and a list of more than 20 English-speaking dentists in Tokyo.
Really listens and provides support and advice based on personal needs and wishes. He received his dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1997 and his Bachelors from Vassar College in 1993. Prior to his return to Tokyo, he maintained a private practice in Princeton, NJ. If you’re a resident of Japan, you may be entitled to a free yearly health check! Find out what is included as well as the optional service called Ningen Dock.

Although it’s not covered by health insurance, cosmetic dental care such as orthodontics and teeth whitening are widely available throughout Tokyo. Train cars and stations are often covered in advertisements for such aesthetic care. The focus of dentistry in countries like Sweden, which lead the world in the field, is on regular preventative care and comprehensive oral health management. The approach stresses cause-related therapy – how to maintain the health of each patient’s teeth – rather than only thinking about how best to treat a particular case of toothache. This difference in approaches may result in foreign residents finding dental care in Japan lacking. Do you feel comfortable getting medical treatment and dental care in Japan?
Because each dentist of a dental team provides the treatment for only the specialized area, the patients are able to receive the best treatment. Root canals typically require at least two visits, one for the initial drilling and a follow-up to check that the tooth has not become infected. Before any dental procedure, make sure to discuss with your dentist about how many visits are expected to be required for your treatment. If you 府中市 歯医者 find the number excessive, you may want to get a second opinion elsewhere as long as your tooth pain is not too severe to delay treatment. Concerns about cost and language can make finding a dentist in any country a daunting task for you and your family. Rest assured, though, that in Tokyo most dental clinics accept Japanese health insurance for eligible treatments, and several clinics can provide a service completely in English.

Japan is becoming more international, with increasing numbers of foreign residents. However, we often hear concerns from foreigners in Japan, that they are hesitant to get medical treatment due to communication problems from Doctors, who tend to use a lot of medical-jargon. As a clinic that resides in the heart of Tokyo, we would like to support our foreign residents. Our English speaking staff is happy to welcome you and offer consultation for all your dental care needs. One such difference is the reluctance to use more anesthetics than is deemed “necessary” for a dental procedure.
In order to make the most of your valuable time, we provide thorough examinations and consultations and propose the best quality treatment that requires the least amount of time. US and Japan dual licensed dentist specializing in all aspects of dentistry, especially focused in cosmetics and implants. DDS degree from UCLA, California licensed and Japan licensed also. – a patient card which is essential to bring with you for all visits. Following on from this you may have to fill out a medical questionnaire to explain your reason for your dental visit and your past medical history. This one is beneficial if you have a family as it will also cover 70% of your family members’ medical bills.
We strive to minimize your biggest stress of dental care – pain. If you care about the health of your teeth, we recommend that you set up an appointment. Counseling is an important process in receiving effective treatment at our clinic. We would like to hear and understand your worries and requests and we strive to understand your own perspective and unique needs.

Dr. Fujimoto is a fully qualified periodontist as well as general dental care. Periodontists are specialists in gum disease and implants. They offer a variety of treatments including crown and bridge, implants, periodontal, dentures, endodontic, orthodontic, aesthetic dentures and general maintenance. This high-quality dental care has been a result of the dental clinics being run privately with the funding provided by the local governments. Moreover, the number of dental facilities has expanded, and the health insurance system has aided this by making dental treatment more accessible and affordable. As a result, the dental health of the Japanese population has significantly improved in recent decades.
Trust Dental Clinic, located near Harajuku Station, will fill out forms for those using private health insurance, which patients can then submit to their health insurance company for reimbursement. This clinic offers a high level of English and Spanish dentists. It is therefore suited for international clients and adapted to a wide range of nationalities. Dr Kimishima also works as a professor at Nippon Dental University. We offer services such as cleaning, dental scaling, fluorine varnish, Airflow treatment, and gum massage.
Together with Dr. Shirakura, they are both involved in providing dental education, preventive dentistry and treatment to the Kingdom of Tonga. All Trust Dental Clinic dentists, hygienists and staff are competent English speakers, and are accustomed to treating patients from abroad. In fact, the clinic has a patient base that is approximately three-quarters non-Japanese. From embassy staff to those posted in Japan to prepare for the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics to international families based in Tokyo, the clinic is well versed in the needs of the international community.

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