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Blepharoplasty Melbourne Eye Treatment Experts

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care and safety before, during and after your eyelid surgery. The procedure takes less than an hour and our patients can return home by the afternoon, with overnight stays also available. Approximately 90% of our blepharoplasty patients return to normal activity within 3 days. Ectropion – ectropion is seen with lower eyelid surgery and results from over resection or overly aggressive plication of the muscle fat pad or skin over the lower eyelid. If detected early it is possible to correct this through the administration of steroid injections.
Unlike the traditional blepharoplasty, there is no significant downtime after the procedure. There may be some patients who would need an extra day off following treatment as their eyelids may be swollen while most patients can comfortably go back to their normal routines on day 4. It often takes around two weeks for asian rhinoplasty the swelling and bruising from blepharoplasty surgery to resolve, which is an extra eyelid lift cost you may wish to consider when comparing your options. If you have a busy schedule, a plasma eyelid lift can be less demanding on your time, something that can be a significant consideration for many people these days.

At the time of discharge, appropriate pain medication and antibiotics will be dispensed. It is important these be taken to minimise discomfort and potential wound complications. Your surgeon will discuss your requirements in this context along with the nature and placement of the incisions required prior to undertaking the surgery which will determine where scarring occurs.
Scarring is likely to be hidden within the natural structures of the eyelids. Incision placement often varies from patient to patient and will depend on which procedure you undergo. Your treatment journey begins with a detailed consultation where the cosmetic doctor performs an in-depth medical examination where you can discuss your concerns and areas you would like to improve. This is a chance for our cosmetic doctors to determine the clients’ wishes and design the perfect treatment plan. Our clinic takes pride in operating all our procedures responsibly and ethically.

If this occurs, the eye will become chronically irritated, sore and watery. Surgery is generally considered if the eyelid droops more than 2 mm from its normal position. It is considered severe and visually disruptive if it covers the pupil. Our fully equipped facility and our team at Restore Cosmetic provide you with the highest level of patient care in order to make your journey a safe and pleasant experience.
A friend of mine said her plastic can do upper eyelids in rooms which keeps the costs downs. I think you need a general for the lowers, but that might be an option for those on a tight budget. The extent of your blepharoplasty may depend on several factors such as the level of correction needed, your surgical preferences, your aesthetic goals, and more.
This advanced technique re-creates a natural, long-lasting, youthful shape of the upper eyelid. With upper eyelid surgery, the risks are rare and may include infection, bleeding and abnormal scarring. Regular follow up with Dr. Michael Xu will be arranged not only to monitor progress but also to allow early detection of potential complications.

Double eyelid surgery is a specialised surgical procedure that involves the creation of a natural looking crease in the upper eyelid. The surgery can improve the shape and contour of the eyes, provide a brighter and more youthful appearance, and can make the application of makeup easier. Ageing and Genetics can cause wrinkled excess skin and bags to develop under the eyes, making individuals appear older or more tired than they actually are. The bags consist of thickened (‘hypertrophic’) muscle, bulging fat and excess skin in various combinations.
This lower blepharoplasty method is for someone who only needs to have the surgeon address excess fat beneath the lower lid. Provide patients with a greater visibility of their upper eyelashes and eyelids, which allows for a more comfortable application of eye makeup, including mascara. Although there are no restrictions placed on age, most people who have blepharoplasty procedures in Melbourne, Australia, are 18 years or older. Where you might have an item number for this procedure, you should check with your private health insurer to see if any part of the procedure is covered. This could save you hospital accommodation costs and provide you with a rebate on the surgery cost. If left untreated, there is a risk of eye infections and chronic conjunctivitis due to poor tear drainage.

If you are concerned about fine lines around your eyes, Dr. Ek may recommend additional treatments such as a Facelift or other non-surgical procedures to achieve the desired effect. Eyelid surgery involves a combination of surgical techniques to remove excess skin from the eye area, and in some cases remove or redistribute fat from the peri-orbital region. In the most extreme cases, the sagging skin rests on the eyelashes and partially obscures peripheral vision. This is commonly an inherited tendency and may cause the appearance of perpetual tiredness. The upper and lower eyelids may be affected separately or together. After your procedure you may feel drowsy from the anaesthetic, so it is important to have someone drive you home and stay overnight.
An aftercare guide will be provided to ensure you heal quickly and efficiently during your recovery from non-surgical blepharoplasty. Avoid picking at any loose skin or scabbing that forms as this will resolve on its own and leaving it alone will reduce potential issues with wounds forming and potentially scarring. An initial consultation with the cosmetic doctor is required to discuss your desired goals. Facial measurements will be taken and standard clinical photography. As well as discussing and recording previous medical history to all help form an assessment of your fitness for the treatment to ensure you are a good candidate for a non-surgical blepharoplasty. Excess eyelid skin and/or fat removal is referred to as blepharoplasty.

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