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Breast Implants Melbourne

Whilst your plastic surgeon will endeavour to dissect both breasts in an identical manner, there will always be small discrepancies between your left and right breasts. This is further complicated by the fact that most women’s breasts have an inherent degree of asymmetry, which may or may not, be accentuated by the placement of a breast implant. From my experience breast asymmetry is more likely to be noticeable in patients who are very thin where any irregularity in the underlying pocket dissection is more likely to be seen. Some surgical techniques are also associated with a higher incidence of breast asymmetry.
She is one of Melbourne’s most experienced and sought-after female Plastic Surgeons specialising in aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring. That includes Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Breast Implant Surgery and Body Surgery. Successful surgical outcomes are the result of a number of considerations – realistic surgical goals, 隆胸 realistic patient expectations, and a good knowledge and understanding of possible risks and complications. Following a post-surgical recovery period of about 24 to 48 hours and an additional reduced activity period of a few days it is likely you will experience discomfort and swelling to the surgical area for a few weeks.

As mentioned previously all anatomically shaped breast implants are textured. Includes plastic surgeon fees, round implants, specialist anesthetist fees, hospital and post-operative care costs. Breast reconstruction aims to restore one or both of your breasts after a mastectomy due to cancer or trauma to the breast area. The procedure will return lost volume and shape to your breasts, but more importantly, it can help restore lost confidence, appearance satisfaction and relationship intimacy. In some instances, breast reconstruction can begin at the time of the mastectomy, by insertion of a tissue expander into the breast pocket.
Your decision to have a cosmetic breast procedure comes with many decisions, from the decision to have the surgery in the first instance, to the many options you will have to choose after you’ve elected surgery. As you select your procedure and options, you won’t have to worry about the effects that different choices will have on your final cost. Whenever it is introduced, the tissue expander will help to create more skin in the breast area which your surgeon will need to complete the reconstruction. Your cosmetic surgeon will slowly add fluid to the expander over time until enough tissue is present to support an implant which you will select in consultation with your surgeon.
Whether the look of your breasts dissatisfies you because of ageing, weight changes or physical trauma, a cosmetic procedure can help correct this vital area of your body so that it once again satisfies you. In a typical breast reduction, your surgeon will make a carefully planned incision around each areola to preserve its blood supply and nerve endings once relocated. An additional incision underneath the breast will allow your surgeon to excise a precisely predetermined amount of breast tissue safely. Once your remaining breast tissue is brought up to close the incision, you will have a well proportioned and healthier-sized breast. Textured breast implants develop scar tissue to stick to the implant, making them less likely to move around. Whether your private insurance fund covers breast augmentation depends on the type of policy you have.

Once these side effects are gone, your implants should appear as they did in the 3D rendering we created. Most women are back to their schedule within one to two weeks and can resume rigorous exercise within six to eight weeks. Complications are rare, as Dr Ek has a stellar track record of safety and success in this procedure. Dr Ek’s team will also arrange follow-up consultations after your surgery to track your healing progress and answer any of your questions or concerns in the weeks following surgery.
Whether breast feeding or weight loss have you dreaming of your former chest or you just want a brand new look, we’ve got you covered. An increasingly large number of patients now opt for Breast Augmentation procedures. The advantage of the direct sub-breast implant is that it places the implant directly where you want it to be.

Then we take into consideration the size of implant you have chosen and discuss your personal preference and lifestyle activities. You may also experience asymmetry, drop in the eyebrow complex resulting in the appearance of excessive upper eyelid skin and lower eyelid droop, which may require revisional surgery. Surgery of the upper and lower eyelids can result in a rejuvenated appearance. We can correct visual obstruction from an excess of upper eyelid skin, laxity of the lower eyelid and bulging of fat under the eyelid skin. We can provide you with a choice between saline and silicone implants and also round or tear drop implants. Both types of implants are safe and have benefited from years of technical advancements.
Both he and his team are dedicated to excellence in patient care and are committed to treating each and every patient with respect and privacy. Boob job can be performed on its own or in combination with other procedures such as mastopexy , abdominoplasty , and liposuction. It is important to remember that all surgical procedures leave scars, including ‘so-called’ scarless methods. You are reviewed after surgery at one day, one week, one month and then 3 months. All of these appointments are included in the surgical package costing. Breast augmentation or enlargement via implants at VCI Melbourne is a straight-forward procedure with fast recovery.

Underneath your breast is a large fan-shaped muscle called the pectoralis major. This muscle extends from your shoulder down over the chest wall to attach in the middle part of the chest wall near the sternum. In patients in whom there is not enough breast tissue overlying this upper chest wall, the implant can be placed behind the muscle to provide extra soft breast tissue over the implant and give a more natural look. The cut off limit is usually referenced to about 2cm, that is, if you have less than 2cm of soft breast tissue in the upper pole of your breasts then you should seek to have your implant placed behind the muscle.
Your pre-selected silicone or saline breast implant is then inserted inside the breast either on top of the muscle tissue or beneath depending on the results we want to achieve. The size and shape of a woman’s breasts can directly impact her confidence in her appearance. When the breasts are disproportionately small, it can seem the entire body profile is slightly off-balance. At the same time, women with small breasts may feel self-conscious in certain types of clothing as they may feel the garments do not fit them as well as they would like.

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