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Best Cosmetic Beauty Clinic Sydney & Chinatown

The State of Victoria and the Department of Health shall not bear any liability for reliance by any user on the materials contained on this website. Best care guidance for non-urgent elective surgery A handful of non-urgent elective surgical procedures have been found to have limited benefits, except in very specific circumstances. If you’re being considered for one of the procedures listed below, it’s important to be fully informed of the associated risks and alternative treatment options available. A third notable characteristic of Asian eyes is the presence of an epicanthal fold. The epicanthal fold is a skin flap that covers the inner corner of the eye, further contributing to the monolid appearance.
It is preferable to have this procedure done by a surgeon who is specially trained to perform blepharoplasty and who has a lot of experience in carrying out this type of surgery. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a type of surgery that alters the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. The aim is to improve the appearance of the area surrounding double eyelid surgery cost australia the eyes and to improve vision obscured by drooping eyelids. Every surgery comes with some risk and operating on a young person may need to be delayed for a year or two. Double eyelid surgery – also known as the Asian blepharoplasty – is a type of eyelid surgery that creates what’s known as a pretarsal crease in an otherwise creaseless eyelid.

Patients who have minimal skin excess and have had success at creating folds with stick-on products or glue type products in the past are ideal candidates for the procedure. He is recognised globally for his technical and aesthetic skill and is particularly experienced in the intricate art of eyelid surgery. Dr Liew is an expert plastic surgeon with a detailed understanding of the anatomy of the Asian eye.
Alternatively, for younger patients who do not require skin or fat removal, the closed suture is a quicker and less involved approach. Since this method is less invasive than the incision technique, it produces less swelling and bruising, requires less downtime, and can be effective for the right candidates. An in-person consultation is essential and will allow Dr Liew to thoroughly examine the condition of your eye and determine the best technique. Though technical skill and experience is vital, this treatment also requires an intricate understanding of the Asian facial anatomy. Unfortunately, some patients undergo Asian blepharoplasty only to achieve inferior and unsatisfying results. When the surgery is not performed correctly or tailored to the patient’s unique profile, the procedure can worsen the cosmetic concerns of the eyelids and produce an unbalanced overall appearance.
This will help to manage the swelling and bruising and will reduce the discomfort you experience. You will also be guided to apply a cold compress gently to achieve the same effect. We believe it’s not just about getting a beauty procedure done — it’s also about doing it in style. Our Sydney cosmetic clinic is decked out like a day spa so you can feel appropriately pampered. Our expert team is highly skilled in the delivery of a range of skincare solutions, and we will always provide you with the right advice. We ensure you’ll be delighted with the results from our wide variety of options for cosmetic surgery improvements in Sydney.

It can occur due to the tissues having been over-excited – or simply due to natural changes in the way each eye responded to surgery or to healing processes. Having mismatched or asymmetrical eyelids after blepharoplasty is a common mistake that can occur with Eye Lid surgery. Most bruising does heal on its own, but there might be a long-lasting difference in the appearance to the eye region OR a longer healing period. Everyone reacts differently to surgery and some patients are known to bruise more readily than others. However, a top Plastic Surgeon can sometimes minimise the post-op bruising due to having a finessed, highly skilled approach.
Asian double eyelid surgery gives your eyes a brighter look and also makes the application of eye makeup easier. Through the incisional double eyelid surgery, drooping skin and extra muscle and fat were removed to allow the fold to be created and reduce the heaviness of the upper eyelid. Assessment of whether this technique is suitable for you is conducted during your consultation. Medial epicanthoplasty can be performed at the same time as a double eyelid surgery under local anaesthesia while still being completed as an in office procedure by Dr. Chris Ahn. The process ads approximately 45 minutes to your operating time and requires suture removal at 5 days post op. Traditional double eyelid fold creation relies on an incision along the line of the desired eyelid crease.

Your eyelids may feel tight during the first 24 hours, this is a result of swelling. To reduce swelling, you should use two firm pillows to elevate your head higher than your chest. Furthermore, you should avoid sleeping on your side to prevent your eyelids from coming into contact with the surface of your bed. You definitely want to choose a Surgeon with surgical finesse, precision skills and extensive experience. Selecting an experienced, certified and qualified Eyelid Surgeon, such as Dr Patrick Briggs will significantly lessen your chances of having this happen.
Perhaps the most concerning risks of a Blepharoplasty procedure is losing the normal function of your eyelids when a Doctor or Surgeon takes too much skin away or creates incisions in the wrong place. If you are considering blepharoplasty surgery and would like to find out more, contact us and one of our experienced team members will discuss this in more detail. Specific risks of the surgery include abnormal positioning of the eyelids, bleeding behind the eye and permanent blindness. There is a theory that the pretarsal crease is caused by the attachment point of a muscle into the skin, with Asians without a crease having a lower insertion point than other ethnic groups.

You will also be briefed on what to expect, as well as on any preparations you must make. Dr Choy ensures that his practice is a safe and friendly environment for patients. The ‘Double Eyelid’ surgery consultation is just a part of the warm and professional service that patients have come to expect.
The full incision or ‘open’ technique is best suited for patients with excess skin and fat in the upper eyelid. The incision extends most of the length of the new supratarsal crease, allowing the plastic surgeon to excise skin and fat and perform ptosis correction if necessary. This is a versatile technique that allows for the greatest degree of adjustment.

We are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, making our cosmetic and laser clinic in Sydney easily accessible from East, North and West Sydney. « Some offer no-frills services, at what seems to be an affordable cost, but is possible because of severe cutbacks that may compromise patient safety and surgical outcomes, » he said. You may have friends or family who have undergone the procedure or know doctors or nurses who can recommend and give a first hand experience. My philosophy has always been to deliver the best natural results I possibly can.
It is sort of taken for granted that how you look will often go into the decision” reported Julia Lurie in an episode of the hit podcasting series This American Life. When asked what the ideal stature of a beautiful woman was, the overall response within the Korean community was standardised – tall, thin, fair skin, small breasted and big eyes. Dr Xu actively participates in regular meetings and conferences to keep up to date with rapidly advancing cosmetic surgical techniques internationally. He has broad expertise in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, especially in the areas of Breast Implant Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Enhancement, Scar Revisions & Flap Surgeries. My practice prides itself on transparent, accurate costs so there are no surprises for you.

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