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Residential Epoxy Flooring In Sydney

We focus on providing high-level services using the finest quality Sika Floorepoxy floors materials that will exceed your expectations in every field. Our qualified staff, experienced estimators and management team are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, from the time we receive your inquiry, all the way to your project’s completion. Most things rely on a good foundation and your floors are no different. They will take the brunt of heavy traffic and wear and tear so picking a flooring solution that is durable is important. Epoxy Flooring Brisbane specialises in a range of epoxy flooring solutions that can not only withstand the burdens of even the most demanding environments but also improve its looks too.
Picture a natural look by the edge of your swimming pool, a glossy finish in your modern kitchen, or a seamless, rugged design in your garage/man cave. From epoxy flake flooring to commercial epoxy floor coatings, your options are unlimited. Are you looking for a way to protect your concrete floors and provide your commercial space with a cleaner and more professional appearance?

It’s also more resistant to abrasion and chemicals compared to water-based coatings. But, because of its viscosity, you cannot apply this in thin coats. It also dries rather quickly, so you need to work fast when using it. It’s better to let a professional handle this type of epoxy paint.
We also provide training to our professional teams from time to time to update their skills and knowledge. There’s no need to pay top dollar to get the elegant and luxurious feel of marble. Use metallic epoxy coating in your living room, and you’re good to go. If you don’t like the idea of scrubbing concrete and rolling paint yourself, it might be wise to hire a professional.
Another aspect to consider is that the workers always make sure of the safety and cleanliness of your property. Apart from this, we also provide exceptional customer care services to all our clients. You can trust us with your property and allow us to prove our worth. Thus, whether it is epoxy flooring painters that you are looking for or something else, give us a call today. You don’t have to worry about staining them in case you spill a few drops of oil in your garage.

I cannot say enough good things about Epoxy Flooring Technologies Sydney. If you are looking to have your garage floor done there really is no reason to look at any other companies. Yes, it’s worth it as epoxy flooring increases a home’s value as well as its aesthetic appeal. Provided the job is done right, you will have a great looking, durable floor that will last many years to come. There are many reasons to acquire our specialisation in epoxy flooring Sydney from 100% free quotations and quality of service we provide.
We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our chemical resistant flooring and to give you all the information you need to make an informed polyurethane decision. Yes, with epoxy flooring, you can use custom colours and designs. You can ask for some sample colours before deciding on which one to use.

With close to 20 years experience in epoxy flooring, Profloor Epoxy Systems has worked together with architects, engineers and construction firms to provide long lasting surface solutions, all at a competitive price. From project concept through to completion, Profloor Epoxy Systems provides all clients with the satisfaction of high quality service. Well, first off, it’s the latest technique used in flooring that produces multiple layers of epoxy applied to a depth of 2 millimetres.
Roll on resin flooring applications are typically applied using 2 or 3 coats with a build thickness of around 400 – 600 Microns. They can be applied with either a smooth finish or an anti-slip finish to meet any required slip ratings of your project. These systems are generally classed as medium-duty options. When you decide to give your home floor a facelift, it’s crucial you have a good idea of the type of flooring you wish to install. At Smarter Flooring we have been involved in applying the best and most decorative floors for many years.
The classic grey epoxy coating can work even inside the house. Pair it with exposed brick to achieve the charming modern industrial look. The least expensive grey finish is good enough for a garage or basement.

We have been in the resurfacing and paintingbusiness for the past few decades and havedone over 1000 projects in different sectors. Be it an office or a residential area; we provide services to all. Importantly, residential polished concrete flooring is also aesthetically brilliant. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the garage, or throughout the whole home, this flooring solution will create a modern, attractive finish. Here at Ironbark epoxy flooring, you will have a range of diverse finishes to select from based on your individual needs, requirement of the project, conditions of your floor or spaces and obviously, your budget. Our professional team will determine which type of epoxy flooring material is best for your facility.
I contacted them and they scheduled a visit in maybe a week, refurbished my floors in a day or so and charged a really reasonable price in my opinion. Epoxy Flooring Technologies is a first-rate provider of quality epoxy flooring for Sydney, New South Wales and the local region. With our fleet of rigs and experienced technicians, we can provide you with a wide range of solutions that make your workplace a cleaner, safer and more attractive work environment. Our food processing flooring system can withstand heavy foot traffic. It is non-slip and is easy to clean to maintain hygiene in food preparation or food processing environments such as restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. Another remarkable quality of epoxy flooring we prize is its suitability for industrial and commercial premises.

But our services include experienced technicians with top-quality practice in applying epoxy floors and operating the equipment needed for this task. We have extensive experience in our field and a long list of satisfied customers and referrals to show our clients and potential clients. Our company is dedicated to the application of the best resin flooring systems in Sydney .
Whilst there are many different finishes and epoxy flooring effects, it’s important that you select an epoxy resin appropraite for it’s purpose. The team at Absolute Epoxy Flooring will take care of this process for you by providing you the most appropriate options for your flooring project. Is it getting quite confusing to get the best epoxy flooring painters for your house? If you are concerned about getting expert paintwork done at your home, do not worry anymore.We are here at your service with the best epoxy paint and floor coating in Sydney.

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