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Taitung City Travel Guide

I blew to smithereens and was passed by Thomas half-way along, who had broken away from the Macca and Freddie group. I got off the bike in 3rdand was very happy to do so, about 2 minutes behind Thomas and 7minutes behind Chris. Freddie, Macca and Scott were all within a few minutes behind me and I knew the real race was just about to begin.
I immediately did some math and worked out that if anyone was swim less than 2 km an hour it was going to be a long, maybe never ending, day for them! Sure enough, but also lucky enough, we fought some good currents, but only at the top end of the course and I managed to complete the swim around my usual 台東名產伴手禮 47 minute mark. It felt pretty good and I didn’t really exert that much, which is always good to know. I had about a 5 minute lead on the chasers and I was happy with that. I had done almost everything I could, in the time that I had, to be in as good a shape as possible for Challenge Atlantic City.

There hasn’t been a lot to report on race wise since then, but there has been a few things happening. One of the coolest things about racing such a major event so early on in the summer is that you then have the rest of the summer to recover and start the build up for the next race on the list. During this ‘recovery’ I have attended quite a few BBQ’s and drunk quite a few beers and have really enjoyed my post-Wanaka summer. It has been almost 2 weeks since race day and I am still a bit shell-shocked with what has happened.
I really felt the Boulder ‘Diesel’ affect, but was happy just to have been able to compete decently again. I raced the Santa Cruz international that weekend and finally felt like I had some form. I raced a sprint race on Saturday for 2nd and then the International on Sunday for 3rd. An interesting couple of days and my mission was accomplished when I was granted my new visa on the way back in to the US.
No vehicle will be supporting our trip for the next seven days. For the best experience, we use cookies and similar tools to help Etsy function, for performance, analytics, personalisation and advertising. Taiwan has good rail and bus services, especially along its western corridor. Public transport is more sporadic on the east and south coasts, where it’s helpful to have your own transport or to join a tour. Edison Travel offers a five-day round-island bus trip, with stops at key sights such as Sun Moon Lake, Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery, Kenting National Park and Taroko Gorge.

Hall, National Palace Museum where 5,000 years of Chinese Imperial arts and jade collections are exhibited, Martyrs’ Shrine of traditional architecture and Taipei Handicraft Center. After lunch, proceed to Wulai, about 10 miles south of Pitan, is the most accessible area from Taipei to view the aboriginal tribesmen who once were the head Hunters of Taiwan. Descendants of the proud tribe of Taiyals, the present-day Wulai aborigines for the most part dress and perform for the benefit of tourists. Upon arrival at Taoyuan international airport, you will be met and transferred to your accommodation. The Country is known as “The Heart of Asia”, with majestic mountains, beautiful fresh water lakes and other natural landscapes as well as temples and bustling cities. This small island contains a world of contrasts and an infusion of cultural influences that you’re not likely to find in any other country.
There are many things that I will change for round 2 in Roth and hopefully many things that I hope to avoid. I have no excuses, I raced as hard as I could and did the best I could on the day. Everyone that beat me fully deserved it and the guys who were top 10 all raced well and especially the podium guys. The swim went well; I didn’t push very hard and kept it very controlled, which is maybe something I’ll change up a bit for next year! I couldn’t get my race belt clip done up because it was the wrong way around and my socks were stuck at the bottom of my bike bag, which was now having my wetsuit shoved into it. So I had to calmly figure out the clip issue, empty my bike bag again and then put on my socks.

I started my build up for Tahoe back in Christchurch and there were some chilly mornings out in the elements. I really have to thank my sponsors Brooks, Specialized, and Smart Wool for keeping me warm out there, without them I’d just be another human popsicle. Training went surprisingly ok and after a few weeks of that it was time to head to Santa Cruz, California to get some longer miles in with Bevan Docherty. It’s a very odd feeling focusing 100% on something, for it to then disappear when you can literally reach out and touch it. We were basically on the start line for Tahoe when the announcement was made. That day the smoke was the worst it had been the entire week and it was also spread further around the course than it usually would.
Anyway, I got going and again was feeling great on the bike. I had a little hiccup going the wrong way at one stage, costing me another 30 seconds, but all this was irrelevant really. I slowly caught the other 3 guys who were in front of me, leaving Dirk Bockel still out there and, as we would discover later, smashing it!

I dropped back a gear and rode my own pace, hitting the first turn at 22.5km about 20seconds behind him. I then had about a 30second lead over Graham, Luke Bell and Luke Mckenzie. I decided that working with them was a better option than myself so sat up and let them catcht me about the 30km mark. 5km later and my suspicions, which I had had for 10km or so, were true and my tubular went flat.
You might feel a bit lethargic etc before the race – this is normal – just believe in the work you have done and that it will come through when the gun goes off. You can eat quite close to the start of an iron-distance event, as the intensity is lower than a shorter race. From 2 days out you should be hydrating above normal, but not just water.

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