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Watch The Most Powerful Short Film Of The Year

It might even be a great movie just stopping right there. Robbie Fatt’s The Towns We Lived Inwas well constructed and had its own unique voice. Really well done, and does a good job of showing how disconnected we are as a church body. It’s heartening to see so many short narrative entries from so many places — geographically, culturally, and creatively. By War & By God — a stirring film chronicling how Vietnam vets returned to Vietnam to seek forgiveness, forgive, and bring the love of Christ there. If you have anything beating in your chest, you’ll be moved.
He said he got flak from Christians because it depicted people in a bar drinking alcohol. A Christian high schooler struggles with pressure from her boyfriend for increased intimacy, and eventually becomes pregnant. She’s afraid to tell her often-distant father, who is a pastor, and ends up at the abortion clinic, walking down the hall.

Right now, television makes up only 1% of mainstream Christian streaming channels – a tiny fraction of the market. When you support Crossflix, we are able to license Christian films, which helps Christian actors, filmmakers, and distributors spread the message about the teachings of Christ. Sign up today for access to the best Christian movies online. Not only are movies becoming more sexualized and risqué, but even mainstream television has changed its perception of « family » tv.
I feel different than other people and then someone starts to internalize that in this idea. Like you mentioned the word transgender is him earlier. If you throw out that word and someone is already questioning why I feel a little different suddenly that word is something that they can grab hold of and say will maybe this explains what’s going on inside of me.

Nerds and Beyond is here to bring you the most exciting and unique articles, news coverage, videos, interviews and more on your favorites – content that YOU would want to read. Kenedi Lynch is a college student pursuing her BS in Biology. She hopes to attend medical school at Stanford or Johns Hopkins to obtain her MD-PhD and become an orthopedic surgeon.
For sure, the best-shot films at the festival didn’t win best film. It can be said that the best films did have very good cinematography and shot selection, and really overcoming fear impressive grading. Two festivals ago, one festival goer asked me about the different color schemes I had employed during two different sequences of a film.

A still shows a scene from « For My Daughter, » one of the special guest films by Join The Lights being shown at the Rockharbor Film Festival. A still shows a scene from « Eli, » one of the special guest films by Join The Lights being shown at the Rockharbor Film Festival. Sixteen-year-old Asher Segelken, a student at Orange Lutheran, right, sits with Rockharbor Church video director Brandon Setter, 28, at the church in Costa Mesa.
And I got to tell you, it’s no slight on the lead actress in this movie, but Ron is a great kisser. We managed to squeeze this in right before I left for China for six months to film. We wandered around and had a coffee and we talked about the script. think it’s also a testament to how good Ron really is. I personally learned a few things from him, when to put your foot down and say no.
I’m going to make an open plea that Christian musicians offer Christian filmmakers their music to create films. There should be a covenant that states that if a filmmaker breaks through with another artist’s music (in other words “makes money”), the rights can be arranged at that time. It’s strange to see artists who all seem to share a vantage on the world and art to not openly allow others to create with their art. Once, a Christian high school-aged filmmaker was begging online for people to read her script. I didn’t want to do it, but no one else would, so I read it a couple times and then wrote a few pages of notes, including ideas for getting the story in line. To be fair, I don’t think many of the others were interested in sharing their filmmaking process.

When we talk, Shuey’s on a tight deadline for the show, balancing slicing and dicing scenes with talking to the film crew in New York City and Los Angeles; COVID turning post-production into an at-home-in-a-onesie affair. She’ll be jumping onto filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s NBC series in a few weeks. For now, an illuminating look at Shuey, her work, film, life and death.
Theory 3 is that the solution is pretty obvious — stop making features. Don’t get distracted and start telling lots of stories. The church has a bad habit of asking, “What does it do? The answer should always be, “It’s beautiful.” Instead, Christians find themselves trying to get the art to do something, to depict proper dating procedure, and of course be pro-life, and also maybe speak out about atheism in schools. Old Fashioned— a little feature that opened well, and continues to do well all around the world.

After the Covid pandemic caused Nilsson to lose funding for his debut feature, Westhampton, he and Tabach decided to use what little resources they had and create a movie anyway. Then, they used a distribution technique called « Four Walling, » where the filmmakers rent a movie house for a flat fee and keep any ticket sales for themselves. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I think that in the nature of the ambiguity that you load into it, the interpretations that people take away are almost the best compliment.
The Last Hangoverwill anger some, but the short Netflix film gives a funny twist to The Last Supper story and the fate of Jesus. A straight-laced football player walks on at the University of Arkansas and – against all odds – earns a scholarship. The film is based on the true story of Brandon Burlsworth, who was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1999 but died in a car crash less than two weeks later. Rated PG for thematic elements, some language and smoking. A 13-year-old girl learns to surf again after a shark bites off her left arm.

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