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The Blessing Of Esau

You soon may be lifting up your eyes where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, shedding tears too late. The passage does not address the impossibility of Esau’s salvation as though he sought to repent of personal sins to God. First of all, such an idea would contradict the clear teaching of numerous passages that reveal the possibility of salvation to anyone who sincerely seeks the Lord according to his Word.
I feel like I am reading my Bible in vain, trying to reproduce the conviction that I once felt. But knowing deep down that that conviction can only come from God, not me and that He gave me numerous chances and i rejected them. pharisees searched scripture looking for eternal life, but Jesus told them He is life.

And the lesson that is taught us is just this old solemn one. You cannot wash out bitter memories, you cannot blot out habits by a wish. Tears will not alter the irrevocable, you cannot avert consequences that fall upon a man, the consequences of a lifetime, by any weeping and wringing of your hands, and by any wish that they might disappear.
As an adult, God began to convict me that I was not saved . I argued with God that I had to be saved because of my prayer and all of the subsequent works. God continued to convict me, but I kept refusing to listen could Esau not repent . It was only after the conviction to turn to Jesus stopped that I truly realized that I was lost. And now, like you both, I fear that I am permanently lost. I had abundant head knowledge but no heart knowledge.

You women, the interests of your children, their social well-being frequently stand higher than the interests of the word of God. We are playing the same old game of Esau again when that happens; Esau, the godless, profane man. He swears, he sells his birthright, and we read the tragic sentence in verse 34, “Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew,” and then notice the last of that sentence.
For Esau, when he was young, had committed a very great sin against God. He was his father’s first-born, and in those times, as now among the rich and noble, it was a great thing to be the eldest in a family. In Esau’s case these privileges were the greater, for they were the direct gift of God. Esau, as being the eldest born of his father Isaac, inherited certain rights and privileges which Isaac, the long-expected heir of Abraham, had received from Abraham.
On the other hand, godly sorrow produces true repentance that leads to salvation. They do not teach that a man may desire to repent with tears and be unable to do so. And if a man desires to repent there must be in him some measure of regret and sorrow for the conduct Of which he desires to repent, considered as sin against God, and that is repentance. On the other side it is not to be forgotten ‘the publicans and the harlots shall go into the Kingdom of God before you,’ Pharisees and Sadducees.

And yes, I struggle against bitter feelings towards God that I simply must deny and not embrace. Nothing is worse than feeling comfort and relief and immediately thinking “oh this is just an emotional high and means nothing.” One of the many lies Satan tells is that you’re alone in this stuff, and you’re not. The antecedent for the “IT” Esau sought is obviously the birthright he sold for a “mess of pottage”… and the “IT” is not the repentance. I just learned that the Holy Spirit gives repentance, it is a gift of God.
When we came back to Christ, we did not automatically start back where we left off. We have to rebuild our relationship with him. Therefore we are weak and Satan was able to lay that lie in our heart and we have believed it. We Can not deny that we have believed the lie otherwise this would of just been a passing thought and would not of tormented us.
We’ve seen a staggering variety of responses to this in public. Isaac owns up to his rebellion against the will of God. It shakes him to his core, and we see in him the beginnings of a true repentance. But in Esau, we see a man who has not the slightest idea that he’s been fighting against God. The Greek makes it clear that he was not seeking the place of repentance, but he was seeking the blessing. He was rejected because he found no place – no way – to repent.

They were twins, they were brought up together, and they were together constantly. Mother fed one and the other; you can just see Rebekah, just like this, twins. Twins, someone has said, is the living proof there is no such thing as free will. But, you can see that these two constantly together had equal opportunities, but the attitudes that they had were different.
Esau seems to have no understanding that he himself had despised the spiritual things, the blessings, the birthright. He seems to have no understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of this blessing. In Isaac we see a model of real repentance. And in this passage we see God’s sovereignty, but in Esau we see no repentance.

In fact, as we said in the studies in Galatians, the cross of Christ would be the greatest blunder that this world has ever seen and God would be the one who had committed it. Christ died for the simple reason that there is no salvation apart from the blood that was shed. If there is to be any salvation, that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, should die for sinners. Now, occasionally when we study Jacob and Esau, we are inclined to think, let me put it this way, we are inclined to have sympathy with Esau rather than Jacob. We read through the account and we cannot help but have our heartstrings tugged at by the tragedy of the life of Esau. And when we see Jacob scheming and conniving, this crooked man, we tend to want to condemn Jacob and admire Esau and feel compassion for him.

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