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Seo Training, Question And Answers With Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is an SEO expert from Glasgow, with over 17 years of experience. Online courses wise, there’s tons and tons of people trying to now sell online courses. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you of an amazing online SEO course that’s out there. The problem with that is not everyone wants to give everything away. There’s always courses that are very specific to affiliate marketing if you like.
In this instance, we tell clients we can offer them training and consultancy at an additional cost. But to give you an example, I bought a website for £10,000 and spend around 4k on the site getting some content and links done, and flipped the website for 48k within a 4 month period. There are folks out there doing a lot more than that. Have a look at empireflippers.com to see what some of the websites on there are selling for. What I highlighted is that I’ve made a lot of mistakes prior to getting myself into the position I’m in now, but this model suits me as a person, how I work, my personality and temperament.

You can call it what you like, an admin fee or whatever. People are charging you and there’s no way around that. There is no way unless you can offer free content or a free bunch of fish or whatever it’s going to be. « I’ll send you out some smoked salmon there if you do this. » That could work. But link building is link building and getting good quality, relevant links to your website will help move the needle in terms of rankings and growth. Now, the way I look at it is I will always go out and start very, very clean.
Training courses and tutorials on SEO as offered by Craig Campbell have been a game-changer for many businesses. Followers get to learn on the best way to maintain a good business reputation online and cement high-traffic through their domains and websites. Sharing this wisdom has been central to Campbell’s goals and aspirations.

Craig Campbell uses his own story to tell small businesses how, at the age of 23, he took advantage of the growing SEO industry and built a huge business out of it. His success in the industry has given him great opportunities to speak to entrepreneurs across Europe and beyond. He has shared his experience for those looking for help with SEO and digital marketing establishment. Alexandra Tachalova has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant, helping makers of digital marketing tools to open new markets and boost sales.
The answer to this is difficult because you can buy a website for 1 million dollars, and flip it for 2 or 3 times the price by doing some work on the site; however, not many people have that type of money to invest in projects. In this interview, Craig shared his ups and downs of his experience wearing different hats. He also offers actionable tips SEOs can utilize for their own business venture. His style is also very unique, as he is a straightforward guy who cuts straight through the noise – which is exactly why he has been invited to speak at several conferences all over the world, including Thailand, London, Paris, Italy, and more.

And sometimes, I think with paid advertising as well, the budgets are going through the roof. So, those costs per click are sometimes just not affordable. Paid traffic and Google ad words is taking up more of the landscape when you do a normal Google search.
But at home I would always be, you know, understanding the internet and just really, you know, spending a lot of time on it. And I just wasn’t, still wasn’t focused, so I got about 19 or 20, still wasn’t focused, still in crap jobs. For those interested in a more in-depth course, Campbell also offers a comprehensive link building class with more than 5 hours of content.
This is especially important in the SEO industry, where we are selling a product that’s not a tangible item, a product that no one really understands and can’t touch. That makes it hard to show that your brand can produce results. A lot of people are not comfortable spending money when they can’t see what you’re doing, so showing people in black and white what you’ve been able to do and having customers back you up is valuable.

To truly stand out in the competitive world of E-content, you need to move towards the advanced SEO hacks for bloggers. I left school with no standard grades and no real idea of what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to make myself a success. After working a few dead-end jobs and having a miserable time of it, I decided to become a freelancer. I’ve tried buying and selling websites, running agencies, offering full SEO services; all of it.
Get onto some directories and what not, relating to the business in question. Get some geographic specific links as well. What that basically does, it’s not really going to move the needle, but it builds up some of the main authority. What a Craig Campbell SEO lot of people look at is the DR or the DA of a website. I will start out with some citations if you want to call it that. Also, in terms of helping Google crawl pages, a great internal linking structure is key to making that happen as well.

Link building, as you say, a lot of people go, « That’s bad. » Obviously, it’s part of Google’s terms of service. However, it depends on how much you want to believe what Google tell you. Google have also released that link building is the number one ranking symbol as well. Obviously, Google don’t want you to fire up an automated tool and stick 20,000 links to your main category on your website. Absolute garbage, that crap just can’t work. We’ve all had this guy as a customer, a really tight guy.
As clients do want to know everything you’re doing, and that’s something where you have to say, hang on, you know, if you want face to face training and you want to know how we do this job, the price has just went up by 10 times. Everyone has different mindsets, so I think, you know, as an SEO, what is my job satisfaction? You know whether it’s a one-man band or whatever. Seeing that growth is something that I can then at night sit, have a beer and go, you’ve done a good job. And I think we all need that to encourage yourself to progress with the job.

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