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Trailer Hire

Mackay Trailers are a local company supplying Mackay and Queensland with the largest choice of trailers imaginable. We offer quality trailers that are fabricated by the best trailer factories in Australia, ensuring competitive prices to suit our local conditions. We have a large range of high quality, durable trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast region. All trailers over 750kg have chassis that are constructed out of 50 x 50 x 3mm RHS internally coated Galvanized steel to provide a heavy duty durable chassis.
As we are a quality company offering high quality products we ensure that the standard of our suppliers and flat top trailer materials are second to none. This is why we only use Australian Galvanized Steel on all our trailers.
The chassis is a tandem trailer design to ensure superior shock absorption and load stabilization. We are the market leader of the Australia trailer market, and our trailers are in high demand Australia and other parts of the world.

One more crucial point to understand when purchasing your tandem trailer is the power of the framework and also springtime hangers. The greatest part of the pulling automobile is the place where whatever is connected to the chassis.
We proudly manufacture our tandem trailers Gold Coast with only the highest quality Australian steel. You can feel good knowing you are purchasing a trailer directly from an Australian manufacturer who uses only Australian sourced materials.

They are able to carry more weight, as well as travel longer distances when fully-laden. The twin axle design makes them more stable and easier to control, eliminating the bouncing that can occur with a single axle trailer. However, they are also heavier, which makes them less fuel-efficient and harder on the vehicle. As one of the largest trailer manufacturers operating in Queensland, we sell over 8000 box trailers a year and our trailers are trusted by many local companies and brands from different areas.
We value innovation and improvement and every year we release new trailers applied with the latest technology to improve designs. We endeavour to offer the best trailer for your money with the best customer service available. I recently purchased a 6×4 trailer from Longhaul Trailers to carry my camping gear and a kayak. When I picked it up, I was so impressed with the finish and the quality of workmanship that I really feel it is great value for the money I paid. John was very helpful and offered me a few extras including ladder racks and a spare wheel. We offer a wide variety of trailer options and sizes for you to choose from, both dual axle and tri-axle. A tandem trailer has two axles, instead of the standard single one.
Remember the ATM includes the load carried and the weight of the trailer itself. If you’re looking for durable tandem trailers at competitive prices, call Austrailers Queensland today on . Austrailers Queensland manufactures100% Australian made with full seam welds for maximum durability. We stand behind the quality of our trailers with a 12 month factory structure warranty on each new trailer we manufacture.

The size and limit of tradesman trailers are imperative to remember. Sales representatives and temporary workers are continually gaining new instruments and stock, so it bodes well to abandon yourself a lot of space for extension. Most trailers in Australia endeavor a medium size plan, yet there are bunches of littler and bigger outlines out there.
We have loyal customers around Australia, returning to us time and time again due to the high quality of our tandem trailers and the affordability of our prices. Whether in the local area or as far-flung as Perth, we can get our trailers to your location quickly and securely. We deliver throughout Australia, ensuring the whole country can enjoy the best products, backed by our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

We have a wide variety ofoptional extras and upgradeslisted below for both single and tandem axletradesman trailers. These trailers are durrable and sturdy and are built to last. You need to estimate the maximum load weight so we can determine the appropriate suspension, chassis and braking system required for your box trailer. Accuracy here is critical, as repairs to a damaged trailer due to overload would often exceed the cost of appropriate strengthening at the manufacturing stage. We sell a range of quality parts & accessories that we use on our own trailers when building them.

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