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Product Store In Taitung

To hear most travelers tell it, the best cities in Taiwan are Taipei and Kaohsiung. Follow the main route south from Taitung outlined above, but then about 10-15 minutes up Highway 9 after it veers inland from Daren, watch for the little turnoff to County Road 199, which also happens to be right on the border between Taitung and Pingtung (屏東縣) counties.
Long-standing commitment to Taiwan’s culture and tourism, Stanley Yen, naturalist author Liu Ka-Hsiang, Hakka music creators Lin Sheng-xiang, community-building worker Lu Ming-shih, actor 台東特產店 Tung Ming-hsiang, famous travel writer Su Kuo-chi, music award-winning Summer Lei, specializing in local ingredients to create dishes Zhuang Yue-jiau and architect Xiao Youzhi.

Taitung City ( Mandarin pinyin : Táidōng Shì; Hokkien POJ : Tâi-tang-chhī) is a county-administered city and the county seat of Taitung County , Taiwan It lies on the southeast coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean Taitung City is the most populous subdivision of Taitung County and it is one of the major cities on the east coast of the island.
Director Icyang Parod of the Council said that from the past to this year, the Council had subsidized Taidong County Government for over NT$300 million to build and operate the Taitung County Cultural and Creative Industry Settlement of Indigenous Peoples” in order to foster and enhance the energy of product design and development for indigenous entrepreneurs, and to provide large-scale exhibition and sale platforms, such as Creation Workshop Zone and Product Exhibition Zone; The Creation Workshop Zone was located at the bottom of Tiehua Road and Product Exhibition Zone was located in the famous punching-in attractions, TTStyle in Taitung.

The area is particularly famous for the many varieties of oolong tea, including fulu tea, jinsyuan tea and red oolong tea, and the local couple who run A-Rong will be more than happy to teach you more about it, as well as carrying out traditional Taiwanese tea ceremonies for visitors.
While many visitors to Taiwan stick to the bright lights and night markets of Taipei, or the glistening waters of Sun Moon Lake, no visit is complete without a trip to Huatung Valley, also known as the East Rift Valley Stretching for around 180km along the east coast of Taiwan, Huatung Valley runs from Hualien City in the north to Taitung City in the south, taking in some of Taiwan’s most impressive sights and scenery along the way.
After handover of Taiwan from Japan to the ROC in 1945, it became Taitung Township and in 1976 it was promoted to Taitung City. Best is the small highway-side park across from where County Route 62 (Dakeng Road) intersects with the highway, which has public-art installations popular as photo props.

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