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Dive Holidays In Caribbean

Scuba diving is an exciting sport where you get to enjoy the incredible underwater views and explore the wonders of marine life. Dive tourism contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the Caribbean economy each year — and all of these destinations know that Caribbean reefs must be protected, with marine parks and programs to promote reef conservation and encourage sustainable practices.
One of the best-loved spots in Puerto Rico is Crash Boat Beach in the northwest, an easy shore dive with lots of fish among the Best Scuba diving in St Thomas remains of a pier that serves as an ­artificial reef, great for any certification level and a mecca for macro photographers.

Clients will enjoy the classic and fun snorkeling observed corals and fish in the area at the official « El Nino » diving spot (located next to the platform), they will be accompanied by a lifeguard guide, ensuring the greatest safety for the enjoyment of the client.
Neste trabalho ainda são sugeridas medidas de manejo para redução do impacto do MR e indicadores biológicos que podem otimizar monitoramento de áreas recifais submetidas a atividade turística quarto e último capítulo relata como uso de uma abordagem metodológica diversificada em um projeto de Educação Ambiental (EA), cujo tema foi os impactos do mergulho recreativo”, foi eficaz em uma escola pública do entorno de AMP alvo da especulação turística.

The ways of managing activities to reduce the impacts are discussed, including reducing use levels, modifying diver behaviour, establishing underwater diving and sculpture trails, artificial reefs, fee charging changes, and diver involvement in conservation projects.
All the dive schools are situated either right next to an incredible dive site or just a short boat trip away from untold underwater riches and, if you hadn’t guessed it, there’s a lively social scene too, so you’ll get to hear loads of great dive stories while sharing your own about that time you almost got eaten by a whale.

To get more specific about the diving, there’s a huge variety of marine experiences on offer in the Caribbean, from incredible shark encounters in the Bahamas (and also swimming pigs for a slightly less intense experience!), to wreck diving in Grenada and healthy coral and macro life in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Puerto Rico’s astounding visibility allows divers of all levels to take advantage of its pristine coral reefs, caves and untouched offshore islands. Caribbean expert Melanie Reffes and diving expert Kristin Valette-Wirth of PADI Travel partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

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