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Automotive Paint Shop For Optimal Flexibility And Efficiency

Since 1977, Spray Systems, Inc. Through research and development Endura has created paint systems designed to work in the harshest environments, from off shore oil rigs to gravel trucks and trailers, providing an easy to spray, long lasting coating that will protect your investment for years to come.
Always committed to the ongoing research and development of our products, PPG were the industry’s first supplier of nano-technology, and we retain our position at paint ovens the forefront of advanced technology with products such as CERAMICLEAR® scratch and mar resistant clearcoat, Self-Levelling Primer and Enviro Primer Surfacer.

Again, however, these are often difficult conditions to simulate in a laboratory, as much of this corrosion results from salt or other chemicals sitting on the paint’s surface for an extended period of time — all while coupled with extreme weather conditions, in many cases.
While the traditional painting line is particularly suitable for high throughputs, the box concept” offers a flexible solution for a wide range of products. Corrosion is a very real concern both for the car itself and for the paint covering it. A vehicle’s paint will likely come into contact with high levels of chemicals during its lifetime.

Our team can provide an analysis of your painting process and offer suggestions based on hundreds of installations we’ve seen. Advantages include: reducing by half the painting zones as well as the number of robots; lower energy costs and less color change losses.
SONAX partners with major auto makers to develop surface-friendly car care products that deliver real results. Over 20 years experience in produce professional car paint for refinishing, we know what kind of products will be customer’s favorite and will be popular in market.

The Paint and Assembly Systems division supplies production and painting technology, especially for car bodies. This also allows you the opportunity to reach scratches while applying your car paint protection. A harder paint, on the other hand, will be well-equipped to hold up against scratches while exposing the bare surface of the car.
Numix is a car refinishing paint system specially designed to suit all brands and colors of vehicles. We recognize the potential of optimization, which is why we designed it into our Eco+Paintshop. Is taking place while the equipment is being installed and the paint systems set up. One of the building’s special features: the steel structure is self-supporting.
If you want superior car paint UV protection, this is a stellar option. We reviewed over two dozen different car paints to give you an idea of what your best options are. The new paintshop is initially designed for 150,000 vehicles per year – equivalent to 30 units per hour.

We’ll look at how changes in both paint chemistry and the automotive marketplace transformed the fundamental purpose for temperature control from protecting the paint to improving finish quality. This process is the industry norm, whether the topcoat chemistry is based on water, solvent, or powder.

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