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Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. The Panchakarma Treatments are meant to flush out the toxins, They are classified as pre-purification, main purification and post purification phases and include various types of therapies like oil massages, fermented liquid massages, medicinal enemas, herbal purification methods.
Its most probable cause is poor maintenance of your body which can be improved through Panchakarma treatments like hebal purge for the liver, panchakarma cleanse pancreas, spleen, colon and the digestive tract and herbal massages, modification of diet and exercise, Yoga and breathing exercise.

Treatment of Type 2 diabetes like all diseases in this system therefore requires a restoration of balance (Prakruti) by detoxifying the body of the causative toxins blocking circulation and causing the dosha imbalance and also the normal function of dhatu (tissue).
E) Herbal Oil Massage – Daily oil massage creates heat and friction which enhance circulation and help cleanse the areas of chemical impurities that could be causing symptoms of allergies. The principle of treating the sick and not the sickness is central to all forms of ayurvedic treatments.

Though this skin disease is considered incurable, it can be controlled with some effective Ayurvedic remedies. Ayurvedic medicine emphasizes the importance of balance of the three doshas. Sweating – One can drink a simple spicy tea to induce sweat or he can be covered with a blanket so that he is made to sweat as this process clears toxins, raises the body temperature that kills the virus and normalizes the body temperature.
They undergo internship and study the Ayurvedic parallels in medical treatment alongside the study of anatomy, physiology, internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, toxicology, and more. Dhara or medicated oil massage for head is beneficial in pacifying mind and reducing blood pressure.
It conditions the skin while releasing stagnant lymphatic toxins from the body. When a treatment is going on, the Ayurvedic physician will stress on the importance of the diet the person consumes. To correct the imbalances in the triDoshas and detoxify the body, Panchakarma is very useful.

Just as it is hopeless to replace a car’s oil without ensuring a clean oil filter, the body’s cells cannot effectively absorb rejuvenative herbs without first eliminating clogging wastes and toxins. Ayurvedic deep cleansing method, Panchakarma is a full body purification therapy.

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