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Break Silence Of Quarantine

Rita Wilson shared a video of herself rapping along to Naughty By Nature in a desperate attempt to stave off her coronavirus quarantine boredom. But at a time when hit albums sold millions of copies and record executives viewed rappers as artists with unusually short shelf lives, those numbers didn’t cut it. Jive neglected to renew D-Nice’s contract and he was unable to find a deal with another label.
Last week, Idris Elba became one of the first celebrities to share that he had tested positive for COVID-19 In a quick Twitter video, he shared that he had no symptoms of the disease, but he promised to keep fans updated on his health — and six days later, he still seems to be doing okay.

The influencer tweeted that the entire US would be « going into quarantine » for two weeks, although it’s unclear what he thinks that quarantine would consist of. Authorities are recommending that US citizens practice social distancing and in some states, steps are being taken to prohibit groups of people above a certain number from gathering.
In winning, Lose Yourself beat out songs by Paul Simon and U2 At the time this was a pretty bold move for the Academy Awards who usually went for tamer choices like Sting or Elton John Barbara Streisand announced the award and co-producer Luis Resto accepted it. When the winner was announced, Eminem was actually at home, asleep with his daughter.

This weekend marked the first time many Americans found themselves having to stay indoors after lawmakers urged social distancing to help prevent spreading the coronavirus. After testing positive for coronavirus earlier this month, actress Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks have been stuck in quarantine.
Rapper Chris Brown and influencer Kelvin « Brother Nature » Peña have two of the largest online platforms that were used to spread coronavirus hoaxes about quarantines and pseudo-medical advice. Taking a few notes from DJ D Nice, the Toronto rapper hosted  »Quarantine Radio » on Instagram Live Tuesday.

The edited videos have gone viral on platforms like Twitter, and each of the celebrities above have quote-tweeted one of the fake edits and written something positive about people singing along to the songs. Wilson, 63, is obviously a longtime rap fan who has played the Hip Hop Hooray” joint many times over the past 28 years.
In the song, the West Indies all-rounder appeals to people to fight against coronavirus by taking all necessary precautions such as washing their hands regularly, staying at home and follow social distancing. Just to remind you, last week Tom Hanks released a statement where he says that both he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive.
We selected 15 rap songs that represent some of the best sounds that 2019 had to offer, while also foreshadowing what might come next in 2020. XXL compiles a list of rappers making the best of their time while on quasi-lockdown. Earlier, New Zealand spinner Ish Sodhi also came out with an innovative way to tell people to isolate themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brown has been posting about the coronavirus non-stop on Instagram, and a lot of his content is harmless memes. In an Instagram story he posted earlier this week, Drizzy revealed to some fans that he was kicking back and watching some movies. In a video shared by Twitter user @valemercurii , the streets of Siena are filled with song as people sing from their balconies.

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