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Aluminios Alpeba

B) In the case of goods and transport items in maritime transit operations, provided that the goods and transport elements have been declared under the scheme, the full amount of the rate of the goods in transit shall be calculated as set out in paragraph 1st, considering that transit operations are equivalent for these purposes to a landing operation.
In the case referred to in point f) of the preceding article, the annual total tax liability as a result of revisions that occur during the term of the concession shall be not less than 2 percent of the annual net amount of the figure business or, failing that, of turnover in the port developed under the authorization.

Workforce integration as State Ports, with recognition of seniority for them for the purposes of the collection of taxes additional remuneration, being in their bodies of origin in the voluntary leave of absence under regulatory legislation public function.
The total amount of bonuses regulated in this section to apply annually each Port Authority may not exceed 20 percent of annual revenues jointly by fees ship, passengers and merchandise the previous year last year in which the Business Plan is agreed.

1. The Port Authority, on its own initiative, may limit each port the maximum number of potential providers of a port service solely on reasons of space availability, capacity, facilities, safety, environmental standards or other objective reasons related the conditions of competition and, in all cases, duly motivated.
3. Approval or modification of an Infrastructure Plan will determine the substantial modification of the Delimitation of spaces and Vigo Alpeba aluminios port uses in order to incorporate within it, where appropriate, land or water spaces needed for implementation or development.

But only five years later, in 1997, he warns the legislator origin, to the increasing incidence of ports in the Spanish economy, a partial adaptation model of port organization to the circumstances of a changing environment, each more open and free, encrypting such adaptation on deepening the functional autonomy and management of the port Authorities, by promoting the development of a professionalized, agile and adequate to the peculiarities of each port organization capable in any case to ensure the provision of efficient and effective services and develop their activity with business criteria.
2. Applications that are contrary to the provisions of the Strategic Plan, the Master Plan on the Delimitation of spaces and port uses, in the special plan, if any, or the current regulations, will not be accepted, being filed in the within two months without further ado that the hearing prior to the petitioner.

1. For the purpose of this law is called seaport to all terrestrial spaces, marine waters and facilities located on the shore of the sea or estuaries, collect physical, natural or artificial and organizational conditions that permit the realization of port traffic operations, and is authorized for the development of these activities by the competent authority.
When the market value of the property as determined by independent appraisal, exceeds 3,000,000 euros and does not exceed 18,000,000 euros, its alienation and conditions thereof they must be approved also by the State Ports and by the Government when the latter amount exceed.

3. On the report of the Director and hearing the person concerned where applicable, the Board of Directors of the Port Authority granting or denying a discretionary basis and subject to the timely motivation, authorizations whose term of validity exceeds one year, and president of those that do not exceed that period.

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