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Durian Tekka

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. The Malaysian Agricultural and Research Development Institute (MARDI) has released 3 hybrids durian clones which are high-yielding, of superior quality, early fruiting (5 to 6 years) and also show moderate to good tolerance to Phytophthora patch canker disease.
There’s very little commercial fishing in Singapore, and coastal and inshore fish farms are only able to produce a quarter of the estimated 65,000 tons of seafood durian musang king that Singaporeans consume annually. I think I’ll call it the Lonely Durian, because those poor durian fruits are just waiting for you to come eat them.

A bite of durian is a creamy explosion of incongruent flavors that lights up taste receptors all over the tongue. Named after the King of Rock and Roll, mao shan sang comes for the Pahang region of Malaysia, and is commonly referred to as a great standard to set against other durians you’ll eat in your life.
Durian varieties are – musang king, tekka, D101 and D24. Join us for an all-you-can-eat durian buffet consisting of premium durians like Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, Jin Feng, and other tropical fruits such as mangosteens, rambutans and more. Super XOD24” is a good combination of tastes, with its perfect mixture of bitterness and sweetness.

The D24 has a good balance of sweet and bitter, with smooth and creamy flesh. The Queen among the Kings of Fruits is a bit brownish green in color and can be identified via its long oval shape which normally weighs 3kg or more. In terms of texture, it’s slightly fibrous and creamy which makes this durian really filling.
Zarir intends to continue to keep a low profile despite having one of the best durians in the country, as he says he entered the competition simply to see where his durians stood. Yellow chile peppers may have earthy, sweet, fruity, floral, or smoky flavors, and the spice levels will vary dramatically between cultivars ranging from mild, moderate, to scorching.
Antara varieti durian paling popular di Malaysia tentunya Durian Musang King (D197) atau nama lainnya sebagai Durian Raja Kunyit. The large aril has thick, firm, brownish-yellow, creamy sweet flesh of excellent quality.Sometime Bitter. Taste wise, it is common to get bitter notes and nice mild sweetness to it. However, it terms of texture, it can get rather moist at times.

Durians with fungus spots or mold on the shell will taste watery and – you guessed it – moldy. The Tekka, meanwhile, is often referred to as the Musang Queen and has a pleasant bitter quality. JQueen is the name of the breed and according to the owner, the durian tree will bear this fruit once every three years and per harvest will be less than 20 fruits.
Lightly bitter in taste, its texture is thick and creamy, almost custardy. If I were to ever pass by the famous foodie heaven of Maxwell Food Center, Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff would be the one stall where I always get my curry puffs from. Other than durians, the orchard also has mangosteens, rambutans, duku and a variety of local fruit.

Currently the prices are around rm25 per kg for musang king, rm15 per kg for tekka, rm10 for D101 and D24. From bittersweet to creamy rich flavours, there’s a durian for every palate. This D2 came from a farm along the road to the Cameron Highlands, where we stopped on the Malaysia Durian Tour.
The fruit ripens quickly so by the time it gets to Singapore it is usually very soft and watery. Take the time to chat, and you’ll learn a lot about life, and food, in Singapore. It also meant that our last durians were at least harvested dry, and we got to taste one of the best Tekkas I’ve ever had.

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