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Direct Private Placement Program

Stirling Capital Services Ltd has available special Private Placement Programs for active clients that qualify. There are indeed private financial offerings which have historically delivered very significant performance using « Institutional Leverage, Traders, Risk Management, Clearing & Execution » which can be documented and truly exists, but again, is very much private.
Lets grow your asset safely together in the Secure Platform Funding Private Placement Program (PPP), instead of going to the casino and betting it all on red or investing it in some other dodgy PPP program that promises a million percent return and exposes everything you have worked so hard for to oblivion.

Industry surveys suggest that it will be difficult for new sponsors without a proven track record to successfully enter the private placement market, as prior performance and a niche investment or management strategy will be critical to a sponsor’s efforts to raise capital during these challenging times.
In general, these programs (Private investment programs-PPP and Buy – Sell Trading Programs) get a very high profit compared to the common benefit available to traditional investments Most people do not believe that a yield of 5% to 10% a month is possible.

When a publicly-traded company issues a private placement, existing shareholders often sustain at least a short-term loss from the resulting dilution of their shares However, stockholders may see long-term gains if the company can effectively invest the extra capital obtained and ultimately increase its revenues and profitability.
The regulation covers entities that are not brokers or dealers, including commercial banks, savings and loan associations, federal savings banks, credit unions, production credit associations, insurance companies, and companies that have employee stock option plans.
An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) and an offshore PPLI policy can be funded using various types of assets, basically anything to which a value can be attached: stocks, bonds, hedge funds, commodities, collectibles, real estate, business enterprises.

Other tests – primarily used by parochial high schools – are the Cooperative Admission Exam Program (COOP), which provides a sample test and student handbook at their web site, and the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACH), which provides a student handbook at their web site.
He continued saying that the personnel are charged with the responsibility of advising heads of secondary schools concerning students job selection and student placement for further education; to try and help students understands and develop interest in appropriate jobs or further education or training; to asses the students talents and capabilities and to encourage them to pursue careers or further education best suited to them and to help students solve their personal problems which may affect their general progress in school.

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd – Private Placement Program (PPP) Desk (Singapore) assisting Investors, Traders across the Globe where by we are vetting all Legal documentation pertaining to PPP Instruments, Legal vetting of KYC Documentation documents pertaining to Platform Trades including Platform KYC.
If your company inadvertently issues a security that is not eligible for private placement, you risk facing civil or criminal penalties. As we said before, there is a small circle of program providers, and if they label a potential client as a non-performer, it is rare that any other program provider will spend their time to work with them in the future.

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