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Investigators Vietnam

Vietnam: a popular country in Southeast Asia. The names of nine suspected victims feared dead by their families, are: Nguyen Huy Hung, 15, Pham Tra My, 26, Hung Nguyen, 33, Anna Bui Thi Nhung, 19, Nguyen Dinh Tu, 26, Le Van Ha, 30, Vo Ngoc Nam, 28, Joseph Nguyen Dinh Luong, 20, and Hoang Van Tiep, 18. With five more said to have been identified by Hanoi police.
In that spirit, the Resolution of the XIth National Party Congress urges further renewal and consolidation of judicial support institutions 8 , demonstrating the Party’s clear and consistent viewpoint and policy on judicial support over the past years since 2002: A clear, strong, modern, synchronous and advanced judicial system cannot exist without judicial support institutions and officers.

The British police officer in charge of identifying the victims, Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore, said very few were carrying official identification and that he hoped to identify the dead through fingerprints, dental records and DNA, as well as photos from friends and relatives.
To guide, inspect and examine agencies, organizations and citizens in performing the task of protecting national security and maintaining social order and safety; to conduct the law propagation, dissemination and education and build up « the whole population protects the Fatherland’s security » movement.

Detective office VDT uses the expertise and experience of the Detective team, which has been concluded by professional assessment in the context of Vietnam’s economics in development and integration with the world to bring the views which reflect the objectivity and honesty.
The city’s young people seek their pleasures in movies, in window-shopping at Government stores or in walks by the city’s lakes thám tử hà nội or in its parks, now sprinkled with the pink peach blossoms that are the flower of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, in the north.

Pentagon bigwigs and strategic planners back in Washington monitored developments in the heavily defended Son Tay prison camp, which was located approximately 23 miles west from the famed Hanoi Hilton.” Negotiations with the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) were at a standstill; reports and rumors spread like wildfire across the U.S., detailing the hellacious conditions that more than 450 American prisoners of war (POWs) faced while inside these torture camps.
The Resolution states judicial support activities should be vigorously socialized while judicial and judicial support officers should enjoy higher legal powers as well as bear higher legal responsibilities and fully satisfy political, professional and experience criteria as required.

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