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Edinburgh Stroke Service

The Astley Ainslie Hospital provides rehabilitation services for adults with acquired brain injury, stroke, orthopaedic injuries, limb amputation, and progressive neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS). There is good evidence that rehabilitation can improve recovery from stroke 4 The recovery of specific functions such as walking and upper limb activities are improved through repetitive, task-specific practice with performance feedback 5 , all delivered, typically, by rehabilitation professionals.
Delegates were recruited through general invitations sent out to members of the Scottish Allied Health Professions Forum (therapists), CHSS patient networks (patients and caregivers), and individuals known to the committee as being active and experienced in this area (policymakers, researchers, and technology developers).

Andrea Cail, Scottish director of the Stroke Association, said: « Rehabilitation support such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy can help people affected by stroke to relearn basic skills such as how to walk, talk, wash and dress.
Jun Chen, M.D., P.D., the 2018 winner of the Willis Award, is the Richard K. Mellon Professor and Director of Center of Cerebrovascular Disease Research and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Endowed Chair Professor and Director of the Pittsburgh Institute of Brain Disorders & Recovery at the University of Pittsburgh.
In addition to managing patients with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, the unit has also developed expertise in inpatient rehabilitation for patients with stroke; progressive neurological disorders; neurological cancers; non-traumatic spinal disorders and polyneuropathies.

In 2001 Hazel was a project lead for a redesign of stroke services in North Argyll and in 2002 she took up the post of Stroke Co-ordinator for Argyll and Bute, providing a seamless transition from hospital to community for stroke patients and their carers.
To fulfil diagnostic criteria for post-stroke fatigue, patients had to have fatigue for more than 50% of waking hours, and the fatigue had to be clinically significant, that is, interfere with activities of daily living 17 The researcher then performed a semistructured interview, you are worth it with both closed” and open” questions, to explore patients’ beliefs about the aetiology of their fatigue, and its exacerbating and relieving factors (see Figure 4 ). Patient responses were explored in more detail by the researcher, and emerging concepts were identified.

The premise of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is that changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours impacts on how people feel physically and emotionally 12 We hypothesised that a gradual increase in physical activity would challenge any unhelpful beliefs that stop patients with PSF from doing things, by which the vicious cycle of PSF would be interrupted.
Within the grounds of the historical Murdostoun Castle in the heart of the Scottish countryside, we specialise in the treatment, care and support of individuals with physical and cognitive impairments as a result of a brain injury or other progressive neurological condition.

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