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Cellar Doors

A smoothly and flawlessly operating and at the same time reliable rolling gate is necessary for the security of a business or a residential property in Long Island City NY, regardless it is residential sliding Steel door, or industrial space. In order to be able to repair commercial rolling garage gates, you need to have an experience in repairing all types of commercial garage gates, and you need to have knowledge that only many years of fixing commercial garage gates in New York City can teach.
There is no such thing as a steel door or iron gate Doctor Gate cannot service, you might be looking for industrial gate tune-up and tune, or for a roll-down gate chain system repair, and we are the answer, Doctor Gate service motor-driven gates and manual gates, roll-down gates and rolling steel doors.

So if you are experiencing issues operating your commercial garage door in Bronx, if the door is making noisy sounds, or if you cannot remember the last time a garage door specialist in Bronx maintained your garage door, it may be time for you to contact Doctor Gates for a same day garage door services in NYC.
Some gate repairs in Long Island City need more thorough repair that will require more than a single visit in order to complete the repair, and some of the parts, like the spring, the trucks or even the motor are custom made and require from us to manufacture the part before installing it. If that is the case, we will measure the gate, provide you with a temporary repair, secure the gate, and return to finish the job with the missing parts.
If you can’t open your steel cellar basement door in NYC, it can be due to several reasons, it can be a problem with the cellar door itself Commercial cellar door New York (Like a broken hinge, or the door is damaged) or a problem with the lock (Someone tried to break in, or the key broke inside).

The New York City administrative code states that closed cellar doors that deflect, or bend, more than one inch when walked on are a substantial defect” and a hazard,” and that it’s the abutting building owner’s responsibility to replace or repair cellar doors if they do. Of course, metal cellar doors get old and corroded eventually, and realistically speaking, since it’s something of an honor system, sometimes they aren’t replaced until there’s a complaint.
Whether it is a broken spring in the Bronx , a gate in Queens NY that went off track, or even a motor issue with a rolling gate in the East Village or in Williamsburg New York, we can fix it. We have successfully repaired and installed countless roll up gates in New York , and we will be glad to add you to our long list of satisfied customers, who know that when they need a roll up gate service in New York NY, Doctor Gate of NYC, with their famous same day roll up door repair IN New York is the best choice.

If you do choose to install the cellar doors by DIY, please follow safety guidelines that every DIY door repair include, whether it is a garage door repair , or store from gate repairs, always stay on the safe side, and avoid any unnecessary risks, that may put you in danger.
It doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in Brooklyn, a rolling gate in Manhattan NYC, a roll up door in Queens, or even a garage door in Westchester County New York : all of them need to be greased or lubricated every 6 months, to make sure they will continue to work, and won’t get stuck soon, and save from you the need to contact a rolling gate company in NYC to come and fix the gate.

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