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Pallet Racking

Used commercial shelving is perfect for the warehouse, home, office, and even the garage. The stacker crane apparatus includes means for mounting the crane, including a pair of rails affixed to opposed edges of warehouse-showroom Wire Decking Pottstown floors located on either side of the access aisles and wheel means affixed to the movable carriage and cooperating with the rails to support the stacker crane for movement along the access aisles.
Also called a bill of sale or contract of sale, it identifies the both trading parties and lists, describes, and quantifies the items sold, shows the date of shipment and mode of transport, prices and discounts (if any), and delivery and payment terms.

Display Fixtures We Will Find At Our Auctions, Are As Followed: Display Tables, H-Frame Displays, Tier Tables, Grid Racks, Hosiery Gondola, Shoe Gondola, Greeting Card Displays, Sunglass Towers, Glass Cubes, Mannequins, Counter Top Jewelry Spinners., and Glass Showcases.
The support columns 31 are spaced laterally apart, providing a retail showroom area 21. Spaced warehouse storage floors 23 are located above and extend transversely across the elongate enclosure defining the retail showroom area 21. Appropriate longitudinal bracing members 32 and transverse bracing members 33 join the vertical columns 31, providing a rigid structure having the requisite strength to support the floors 23. Triangular bracing members 36 are provided to further increase the structural rigidity of the rack.

The retail showroom units 21 are spaced to provide warehouse access aisles 22. Storage floors 23 are located above each of the showroom units 21, defining warehouse storage spaces between the floors which open onto and are accessible from the warehouse aisles 22. An open area 24 extends across the front end of the building, providing access to each of the showroom units 21 by a customer entering the doors l5.
A plurality of vertically spaced warehouse storage floors are located above the showroom enclosures. All For One Money- multiple items are being offered for sale and what you bid is one price for all of the items. Asset Turnover- Net sales divided by total assets.

Distributor of pallet racks. As a privately-owned material handling and storage system distributor and pallet rack installer, Greystone Equipment Company has been providing businesses with exceptional products and incomparable customer service for more than 25 years.
Manufacturer of standard & custom racks including electronic racks, pallet racks & storage racks. Bidder’s Choice (Buyers Choice)- Is the method of sale whereby the successful high bidder wins the right to choose a property or properties from a grouping of similar or like-kind properties.

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