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Pashmina Store

When we think about Kashmir, Pashmina deliberately comes into our minds. Sources report cashmere crafts were introduced by Sayeed Ali Hamadani, whon the ordinal century came to Ladakh, country of origin of pashmina goats wherever, for the primary time in history, he found that the Ladakhi kashmiri goats created soft wool.
Beautiful Kashmiri Sozni embroidery and needle work along the entire surface of the shawl using various styles of stitches to form a vine pattern that gently flows through the entire shawl helps in giving silk scarves and shawls a very elegant appearance.
Pashmina100.com is a renowned name for providing high-quality cashmere pashmina. View our latest collection and buy pure pashmina shawl, scarf, stole and wraps The materials that are usually used in making the beads for these pashmina shawls are glass, ivory, wood, crystal and jute. As most of the stores online sell pashmina shawl blends, even sell machine made and cheaper quality products. Buy Pashmina scarves online from us and enjoy the designer collection at discount rates.

100% original cashmere (pashmina) from Kashmir, with great attention paid to workmanship and quality. This pashmina shawl wrap scarf is manufactured for number 37 by experts in Nepal to exacting standards of quality and care. Always remember to pair opposites: smooth scarves against coarse, woven material like wool or coarser fabric against smooth material like silk or satin.
We are the leaders in providing an eclectic touch to the very attractive traditional shawls of Kashmir, Assam and those made from the very famous Pashmina wool. Pashmina mixed with moderate amount of silk is also used for making stoles and helps in making the fabric softer and shinier in appearance.
Kashmir has become synonymous with shawls all over the world. Obtained from the fleecy undergrowth of the rare Kashmiri goat through traditional combing techniques, their delicate silky softness carries an aura of luxury & class that made it the choice of kings and nobility in a bygone era.

Jazzmin provides luxury cashmere pashmina fabrics to many European fashion brands. But, now you can buy them is a dazzling array of colors and styles from online scarves and shawls websites. Kashmiri Pashmina wool is the softest, most luxurious and the best pashmina wool in the world, it is probably the highest grade of cashmere wool.
We are known for good reputation, timely delivery and high quality products at competitive rates, we have placed ourselves much ahead of our competitors. These handy little scarves are incredibly soft and warm due to the high quality of the cashmere yarn that we use.

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