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Marriage Family Therapist In New York, NY

A premarital counselor is a teacher, an advisor and a therapist, all in one. Today, we have the « free love » of the 70′s behind us, a growing understanding of sexuality in the mental health field, the significance of the women’s movement and the impact of the communications industry which have combined to break down some barriers to sexual understanding.
Situations such as a family crisis, separation, divorce, a personal crisis, extreme stress and health concerns, as examples, requires a more robust level of care that can be provided by a treatment model that offers greater frequency and convenience.

Relationship and family problems; sexual difficulties; divorce support for adults and children; symptoms of anxiety and depression; problems with academic and occupational performance, career advancement, and work-related stress; gay and lesbian issues; helping individuals establish and maintain their recovery from substance abuse; attention deficit disorder; anger management; and adjustment difficulties of childhood and adolescence.
There is a certain type of control within the individual personality which can have its source only outside of the personality – the moral principles advocated by a closely knit couples counseling solitary group – and can only be made effective against self-centered, gratification-oriented impulses by an involuntary feeling of belongingness and allegiance to such a group.

All of this is a rich source of information about how the person views self and others, interprets and makes sense of experience, avoids aspects of experience, or interfer4es with potential capacity to find greater enjoyment, ease and meaning in life.
For example, rather than saying I came to couples therapy to convince my partner to clean up after they make a mess, try to phrase it in the following way: I’ve come here to learn how to express my needs to my partner constructively and to accept the things I can’t change about them.

Hypnosis enriches sexuality through six important facts: First, cognitive control is achieved; second, relaxation from anxiety and stress is accomplished; third, consciousness of one’s own « thoughts » that may be negative about related sex can be recognized; fourth, positive imagery is used to enhance positive sex; fifth, natural physiological processes are freed to function normally, sixth, the person acquires a new mental skill of self-control over his thoughts, emotions and over his body.
Learning about the world of S&M has been an invaluable experience to me. I had to admit to myself that, viewed from the perspective of what I knew about the nature of the individual self, masochism puzzled me by flying in the face of everything that was rational about the nature of the human personality.

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