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Alexapure Professional Water Filtration System

Alexa’s traffic estimates are based mostly on data from our international site visitors panel, which is a pattern of millions of Internet users utilizing one in all over 25,000 different browser extensions. I first heard rumors in regards to the Alexapure Pro again in 2013, when my buddy and business companion, Matt, called me all excited that his engineering workforce was designing a totally new system that he stated would change the best way the world’s water gets filtered. Go three days with out water and you might be in severe hazard of actually drying up and dying of thirst. The Alexapure Professional filter works to remove each pure and man-made contaminants using solely gravity. No fuel, electrical energy, or water stress wanted, which makes it perfect for both on a regular basis use and in a crisis.
And since the Alexapure Pro’s footprint is so small, it suits just about anyplace; even on a small countertop or in a RV, and stainless-steel development makes it sturdy and straightforward to clean. Other filters require reverse priming to get the filtered water flowing, which takes time and may contaminate a filter even earlier than its first use.

The companies use good advertising and marketing to persuade folks that bottled water is a protected alternative to faucet water. Nicely, I virtually hate to say it, but… the water from your faucet may very well be cleaner than water you paid a pretty penny for. You see, bottled-water firms don’t must adjust to federal clean water requirements. If you happen to’re able to get started, click the Sure, I need pure water!” button beneath.
We now have scientific proof from Envirotek Laboratories, a nationally identified licensed water-testing lab, proving that the Alexapure Pro is so effective that it will probably simply clean up water much more contaminated and extra dangerous than that gunk we mixed up. And good factor, because not only is fluoride categorized as a corrosive poison, however a current Harvard research also linked fluoride to lower IQ scores in children.

For the reason that common household of 4 can use up to 5 gallons of water per day, that implies that Alexapure Pro could last for as much as 1,000 days. Should you’re curious… that is an UNIMAGINABLE forty,000 (yeah forty thousand!) sixteen-ounce bottles of water from a single Alexapure Pro filter. Comparable water filters (and I exploit that term loosely) claim to filter a measly three,000 gallons on their finest day.
Click the big Sure, I Need Pure Water” button now and get began on the road to water independence with the Alexapure Pro, probably the most superior and handiest portable water purification system in the marketplace in the present Alexapure Pro day. With a stream fee of some 2.3 gallons an hour you could possibly purify more water than you will in all probability need. And naturally, you may add extra filters to the Alexapure Pro to make the movement even quicker.

It has also been proven to cause gastric upset upon ingestion and has been linked to malfunction of the liver and immune system with long-time period exposure. Chloramines—Now being added to just about all municipal water districts, they’re formed by the mixture of chlorine and ammonia. Chloramines are so robust that they tend to dissolve the within of your pipes and fixtures, releasing contaminants and heavy metals into the water.
Now we have scientific proof from Envirotek Laboratories, a nationally recognized licensed water-testing lab, proving that the Alexapure Professional is so effective that it may possibly simply clean up water even more contaminated and more harmful than that gunk we combined up. And good factor, because not solely is fluoride categorized as a corrosive poison, but a current Harvard study also linked fluoride to decrease IQ scores in children.
In addition they wished to see how profitable it was at eliminating waterborne cysts—disgusting microscopic pods that burst to release their toxins solely after they enter your system. You already know, there’s any number of water storage methods in the marketplace that I may have bought. He knew what he had was already higher than any gravity-fed moveable system in the marketplace.

Along with your Alexapure Pro you may filter water from lakes, rivers, streams, wells and municipal water. Each Alexapure Pro system comes with one Alexapure gravity block filter w/ hybrid ceramic shell. However, your Alexapure Pro system has the capacity for as much as 4 filter models, permitting you to increase the flow rate exponentially with out sacrificing water high quality.

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